Corpus Alienum, is a medical term which refers to the ingestion of an alien object in a body. As the title suggests, the installation and the film showcased inside, combine the artificial and the natural.

The installation is like a bodily cocoon wherein only one person can go inside to watch the film. In the middle of this iron ribcage, holding the large corporeal latex rag, one can find a surprisingly comfortable isolation. Outside noises are muted, light becomes warm and time seems to stand still here.

The film travels over a deserted skin landscape on which a lost human glitch sits, smoking a cigarette. The scene is alternated by a vein network in which random consumption objects and emoji’s are found. A close up scene of an abandoned casino takes the viewer out of the body for a moment.

Corpus Alienum reflects the alienation which is so prevalent in the digitalised capitalist society. By being simultaneously inside and outside a body, this feeling of estrangement is enlarged.
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