Eaten Absorbed Digested, 2021
Metal, latex, ceramics, silk
160 cm

Images poor out of the organs and holes of the skeleton. The pictures are distorted, faded and difficult to identify – just like most of our memories.

Picked out of the collective Western memory, the images depict people of great fame, and well-known captured stories of love, forgiveness, anger, revenge, resistance and hope. I wondered what this shared memory has done to our perception on reality and humanity – and how much of this is actually shared.

Nowadays, we are fed daily with huge amounts of imagery which the algorithms, like organs, filter for us. Although it’s positive that we moved to a more democratic and decentralized way of information spreading – whereby it is not merely a few newspapers informing us, we can wonder how much of this decentralization has shown to be a false promise. As Silicon Valley gets to choose what is seen and what isn’t, I wonder if we are shifting more and more from a collective memory to a polarized memory.

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