Sophie Schreurs was born in 1995 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Her focus mainly lies in immersive and interactive installations, where materiality, sound, and video play equally important roles. Next to this, she makes sculptures, drawings, paintings, and writes essays and poetry. For many of her (video) works, she uses found footage from the internet. In her latest installation, these recurred as collages – creating, as so often is done on the internet, a new context.  

Through her work, Schreurs examines the relationship between the individual and large governing systems, such as capitalism and social media. “Art gives me the ability to reflect my frustration and unease of the systems we are forced to participate in.” 

Alienation, therefore, is a central theme in her work. “I wonder how we, in an unequal world, where our voices often don’t seem to reach far, can break free from feelings of alienation and powerlessness.”

Phone: +31 (0) 6 26 40 50 98